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Journal of Basic and Applied Biology

(An International Journal of Biological Research)

ISSN 0973 – 8207

Journal of Basic and Applied Biology is an quarterly international journal of the Centre for Biological Research devoted to publication of research on various aspects of basic and applied biology.  Publication is open to all researchers from all over the world.

Manuscripts submitted to the Journal must represent reports of original research and that, it is not being considered for publication elsewhere.  Please not that all papers in Journal of Basic and Applied Biology are peer reviewed.

Instructions to Authors 

The content should conform to the following general subdivisions:

Title: Concise but informative.  Name(s) and address of author(s).

Abstract: Normally it should not exceed 150 words, followed by 4 to 6 key words identifying the subject matter and suitable for international retrieval systems.

Subject Matter: This should normally consist of an Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results/Observations, Discussion followed by Conclusion, in most circumstances, Acknowledgements, References, Figure(s) legends and table/Annexure(s) should be followed in order.

References Cited:  In the text, refer to author(s) surnames(s) and year of publication. When there are more than two authors, give the first author surname followed by et al. (Kiruba et al. 2006); references cited together should be arranged chronologically. In the reference list, the references must be cited in alphabetical and chronological order for one author or more than two authors; in alphabetical order by surname of the second author in case of two authors.  Journal titles should be given in full. We give here some examples for the citation.

For Books: Ambrose D.P. 2004.  The Insects: Structure, Function and Biodiversity.  Kalyani Publishers, New Delhi.

Jeeva S. and Kannan D. 2006.  Growth of Pongamia glabra seedlings under different soil conditions.  In: Pandey H.N. and Barik S.K. (eds), Ecology, Diversity and Conservation of Plants and Ecosystems in India, Regency Publications, New Delhi, pp. 198─204.

For Journals: Kiruba S., Sam Manohar Das S. and Papadopoulou S. 2006.  Prospects of traditional seed storage strategies against insect infestation adopted by two ethnic communities of Tamil Nadu, southern peninsular India.  Bulletin of Insectology 59 (2): 129–134.

Illustrations:  To lettering use Arial font.  Black and white figures can be reproduced to single column (width 80 mm) or full page (width 166 mm). Drawings and morphological illustrations must include a scale bar.  Colour photographs and plates will be published by special arrangements with the editor.

Proofs and Reprints: Proofs will be sent to the corresponding author for correction. No free reprints will be made available.  Authors are requested to indicate their requirements soon after they are informed about the acceptance of the manuscript.

Submission of Manuscripts:  Three hard copies of manuscripts with CD-R in English must be sent to

The Editor-in-Chief
Journal of Basic and Applied Biology
Centre for Biological Research
2/92 – Kamaraj Street, East Puthalam
Puthalam – 629 602, Kanyakumari
Tamil Nadu, India
Mobile: 91+9443416739
E-mail: biologicalresearch@gmail.com

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Authors of books as well as publishers of books on all fields of Biology are encouraged to send a copy of their books for review in the Journal of Basic and Applied Biology.

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