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Journal of Basic and Applied Biology, 2 (1), 2008



Phenological changes in Jatropa curcas in sub humid dry tropical environment – L. Ghosh and L. Singh

Anti-fungal activity of Leptadenia reticulata in rat animal model in vivo – P.Sureshkumar

Progressive changes in the physicochemical characteristics of the Thampraparani river (west) during its flow – B.D. Sheeja, J. Ebanasar and S. Francis

Effect of prophylactic antibiotic treatment on the growth and cocoon characteristics of Bombyx mori L. – A. Sheebha, M. Thilsath Fatima Quraiza, S. Sam Manohar Das and M.Ramani Bai

Dynamic variation in the water quality during secondary succession in a temporary pond in Kaveri Delta – B.D. Sheeja and R. Narayanan

Potability of bore well water in villages around Sendurai (Ariyalur: Tamilnadu) – C.T. Sundarasivakumar and J. Ebanasar

Water quality of drinking water ponds in villages around Sendurai (Ariyalur: Tamilnadu) – C.T. Sundarasivakumar and J. Ebanasar

Evolution of Sthalavriksha worship concept through the sacred groves in Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, India – S. Sukumaran and A.D.S. Raj

Influence of rearing conditions on the survival and growth of sea horse (Hippocampus kuda) – S. Thampi Raj

Bioactive screening of peninsular Indian marine sponges on selected microorganisms – B. Rajagopal, S.R. Jegan, R.V. Seena, S. Suma, T.K. Angiesh and Baby Joseph

Quantification of copper in the Thengapatnam estuary along the south west coast of India – R. Vasantha

Diversity and population dynamics of Echinoderms from Muttom and Colochel coasts in south west coast of India – C.P. Rajakumar and J. Ebanasar

Diversity of fishes in Manakudy estuary, southwest coast of India – M. Johnson and D. Selvaraj

Antibacterial activity of marine sponges from rocky reefs of south west coast of India – G. Bharat, P.D. Priya, S.S. Chinnu, Jini, J. Janika, B. Rajagopal, K.R.T. Asha and B.J.Cmi

Physicochemical properties of water in river Umkhrah, Shillong, Meghalaya – A. Murugan

Assessment of rhizosphere microorganisms and nodulation ability of two medicinally important leguminous plants of Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu – S.K. Sundar, S.Shamya, A. Palavesam and B. Parthipan

Effect of seaweed (Sargassum wightii L.) on the germination and growth of green gram (Phaseolus aureus L.) – G. Johnsi Christobel

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